With our email marketing plan, you can spread the word of your business to millions at an affordable price.

Email Campaigns
Campaign Strategies

Some of the email campaign strategies we offer include personalizing, sending mobile-friendly emails, automate email campaigns, and help segment your email subscribers.

Contact Management

A successful email campaign is as good as the quality of your lists. Our email marketers will help you build and organize and manage a permission-based group of addresses. We provide tools that help gain new subscribers, create unlimited email lists, and introduce customized fields.

Email Template Designing
We keep you up to date by designing your email template.

With our vast range of customizable templates, you don't need to start your email from the base. We opt for a layout that fits the message you want to send to your mailing list. Then we use our design tools to create elegant emails.

Email template designing service
Bulk mailing service
Mass Mailing
We also offer bulk email service with our software.

The mass-mailing also involves the management of mailing lists, and setting up email marketing campaigns. We also combine the effectiveness of mass email software and the flexibility of a bulk email service.

Reporting and Lead Funnel Management
An email sales funnel comprises of a series of emails that we help you send to achieve a specific goal.

This goal may involve the building of a relationship with your mail subscribers. It can also be enlightening a prospective customer on the benefits of one of your products or services. We can also help you convince your contacts to purchase your goods.

Email reporting service
Content marketing service
Content Marketing

Here, we use email marketing strategies like examining your business problem, and analyzing your customers-base regarding how to reach them in the most effective but non-intrusive manner.

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